Advancing the energy economy by developing large-scale solar projects in the Heartland

About Us



Team Experience

Our team comprises renewable energy experts with extensive experience in project development, land stewardship, commercial negotiations, project finance, transmission, interconnection and market analysis.
Successful historical projects
44 +
Project capacity developed
5 GW
Experience in 32 U.S. states

Commitment to Communities

We are committed to being a good neighbor and long-term partner to our host communities. Our mission is to create sustained economic development in the heartland by harnessing the region’s abundant resources – the people, the land and the sun.
Solar Power

Economic Development

Large scale renewable energy projects create consistent energy and provide stable revenue that strengthens local economies. Our projects raise the local tax-base through multi-million-dollar investments, create jobs, and bring annual operations budgets primarily spent in the local area.

Land Stewardship

We are committed to thoughtful stewardship of the land on which our projects sit. The natural attributes of the heartland landscape create opportunities including habitat creation for local pollinator species, planting native prairie grass species and grazing between the rows of solar panels.