At Pedal Steel Solar, forging strong, long-term bonds with our communities and being good stewards of the land is core to our business.

Using a holistic management approach, we develop our projects to ensure ecological and economic prosperity on a multi-generational timeline.

Community Partnership

Experience has convinced us that strong partnerships with landowners and our host communities are vital to the success of our projects. Our development process is guided by our commitment to design, build and operate projects that are aligned with the character and needs of the local community.

We are proud to create new jobs, spur economic development, increase local tax revenue and provide educational opportunities for the next generation. Landowners and their land are the most important assets to our business – and the landowners know the land best. We combine their local knowledge with our development tools to preserve the land’s historical agricultural productivity.

Land Stewardship

Our holistic land management approach is premised on a continuation of the land’s agricultural productivity and biodiversity while the solar project is operating. We seek to implement native grasslands under the panels, build or augment local pollinator habitat and use sheep or other livestock to bolster natural animal interactions and improve soil health.

Using this approach, we ensure the solar array, the land and the community are part of a naturally interconnected and system. Pollinators and biodiversity benefit the land, livestock grazing helps maintain vegetation growth around the panels and the solar array harvests electrons to provide power to the community and the rest of the Heartland. Our holistic approach honors the land and ensures its preservation, productivity and health for future generations.