Pedal Steel Solar collaborates with partners that share our values to elevate the Heartland states and energy economy.

We partner with organizations across the Heartland, forging strong and lasting relationships and advancing our mutual success.

Arkansas Advanced Energy Association

Pedal Steel Solar sits on the Board of Directors for the Arkansas Advanced Energy Association (AAEA). Through this partnership, Pedal Steel Solar is dedicated to growing Arkansas’s economy through expanded utilization of advanced energy technologies. These are innovations that make our energy supply more secure, clean and affordable. AAEA is an influential organization representing the combined interests of this diverse and fast-growing energy sector.

Arkansas Monarch Conservation Project

Pedal Steel Solar is proud to partner with the Arkansas Monarch Conservation Program pursuant to a memorandum of cooperation signed in November 2022. Through our development process, we will work together to create, enhance and conserve monarch and pollinator habitat at our solar projects in The Natural State.

American Solar Grazing Association

Pedal Steel Solar is a member of American Solar Grazing Association and actively participates in their monthly meetings. Pedal Steel Solar looks for collaborative partnerships with local solar grazing shepherds during the operations of our solar projects. When possible, we will contract with local sheep farmers to move the sheep onto the site in the spring, care for them through the grazing season and move them off the site for the winter. Sheep are the most common solar grazing animals, as they are the best-suited species. Solar grazing keeps farmland in farm production and allows farmers to increase and diversify revenues without taking land out of food production. Solar grazing also contributes dairy, meat and wool to regional markets while reducing the need for mowing at solar sites, reducing emissions and costs.